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Welcome to Vacationland; the land that is unique to its natural setting. With thousands of sandy beaches, a lush mountainous interior and bustling city life, Portland, Maine is one of the hottest vacation spots in the United States. From shopping in Kittery to the sandy beaches, there is so much to do in Portland, Maine that you’re likely to run out of time before you even get to explore it all!

"Portland Maine aerial view"What makes Portland such a fabulous place to vacation? Well, of course it’s all the diversity you have to choose from. If you vacation in southern Maine, it’s filled with six thousand lakes, thirty-two thousand miles of rivers and five-thousand miles of coast, resort communities, and cosmopolitan cities. The south is extremely different than a visit to the north, where nothing but farmland and forests prevail. The best thing is you can visit the south and the north all in the same day. Visit the infamous White Mountains then have a splendid dinner in the cosmopolitan city of Portland all in the same day. Shop till you drop or go on a whale watch.

Go on out to the east and experience the home of the best skiing, finest sailing, most renowned parks, two of the best art museums, top shopping areas, famous Historic Landmarks, sandy beaches, excellent kayaking, antique, nationally ranked golf courses, moose safaris and whale watching as there is enough excitement in Portland, Maine for a lifetime of vacationing. In fact, some people love vacationland so much they decide to stay, and who wouldn’t want to live where you can get the best of all worlds right in one fabulous city.

Vacationland is filled with many secrets; perhaps you will discover a long lost campground tucked away in the shores of a hidden lake, a cozy cottage in the lush forests, an old-fashioned theatre offering old time fun, or a museum featuring the best of Portland’s history. No matter what you are looking for, you’re sure to find more in Portland, Maine where vacationing has never been more fun.
You will find many fun facts about Portland, Maine. Did you know that Portland, Maine has various nicknames that describe the diversity of the city? Or, how about that Portland’s longest day of daylight is sixteen hours? Or, Portland’s earliest inhabitants were descendants of Ice Age hunters? You can visit America’s Sunrise Gateway, Beautiful Town That Is Seated By The Sea, the Beautiful City By The Sea, Vacation City On Casco Bay, Forest City, and hill city for a diversified vacation of excitement.

Vacationing in Portland, Maine is definitely worth experiencing. You will find there is a ton to do in the beautiful city known as vacationland. With so much diversity, you can experience any type of vacation you would like. Whether you come in the winter for skiing or the summer for the beaches, there are great sites and attraction awaiting your arrival. Take a look at some of our favorite hot spots. Visit:

"Casco Bay Lines"Casco Bay Lines

Take a ride on the Casco Bay lines which provides a daily ferry service from Casco Bay Islands all year long. Enjoy the scenic route, calm waters, and serene nature as you sail across the open water. Or, take a cruise just for two such as the most popular lobster bake cruise. Casco Bay is one to experience any time you come.

Museum of African Culture

Embrace culture in a truly beautiful way as you tour through the Sub-Saharan African people artifacts and rich history. Enjoy a day experiencing another culture and a different way of life.

Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine

Part museum part playground, the Children’s Museum of Main features fascinating interactive exhibits powered by imagination. These themed exhibits teach children social skills, creative thinking, and motor skills. With a complete three floors of fun, your children will spend all day learning and exploring without even knowing it.

"Victoria Mansion"Victoria Mansion

One of Portland’s richest Historical Landmarks is the Victoria Mansion. With excellent architecture and well-preserved original interiors, it is the finest example of residential and pre-civil war era design. Known nationally and even internationally, the Victoria Mansion gives a quick tour of Portland’s rich history and an unparalleled document of America’s aspirations in architecture, interior design, and arts.

Portland, Maine is also home to some of the finest hotels and resorts in all of America. Whether you want luxury by the sea or nature by the mountains, you can find hotels and resorts that meet any budget. Some of the most popular include:

  • The Inn by the Sea
  • Fireside Inn and Suites Portland
  • Rodney’s Resort
  • Royal Anchor Resort
  • Waves Ocean Front Resort

As with all vacations, it is important to eat well. In Portland, Maine, you are sure to find some of the most delectable restaurants. Eighty percent of the nation’s lobsters are caught right in Maine so if you think steamed lobster, a checkered tablecloth and a lobster bib constitute fine dining, then you’re in the right place. However, sea food is not the only fine dining found in Maine. Whatever you are in the mood for, you are sure to find it. Some of our favorite restaurants include:

  • Bresca
  • Fore Street
  • Five-Fifty- Five

From the very first hints of spring time to the lazy days of summer, Maine is an outdoor wonderland filled with beautiful coasts, rugged mountains, lush woods, pristine rivers and lakes. You can enjoy kayaking, biking, seaplane, watching majestic moose gallop through the wilderness, go hiking in the rugged outback, taking a boat ride to watch the whale and puffin, or relax on one of the many sandy beaches. Feast at some of the finest restaurants, visit the sites, and sleep in utter peace. In Portland, Maine, you take a vacation to a mystical wonderland of diversity where you can see trees and beaches all in the same day. So, come enjoy a vacation in vacationland Portland the hottest vacation spot in the United States of America.

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